Magic Tricks Using Rubber Bands and Other Common Objects

Simple magic tricks using rubber bands and other common objects.

There are tricks that can be done with common objects like the ordinary rubber band. Try these easy-to-do stunts that will astonish your friends.

Try your hand at this trick

1. Loop a rubber band over your thumb and little finger. The band must cross the back of your hand above all the knuckles.

2. Now see if you can get the band off your hand without using your other hand. Also, you are not permitted to rub the band against anything.

It isn’t easy! A few people, with very flexible fingers, can sometimes get it off in a few seconds, for others it takes longer, but most people are unable to remove the band no matter how long they work at it!

String Mystery

The Magician asks someone to tie a string to both his wrists (Pic. 1). He picks up a rubber band and turns his back. When he turns around again (Pic. 2) the band is on the string!

Here’s the technique:

Before you start, slip a second rubber band over your right arm (Pic. 1), high enough to be concealed by your sleeve. When you turn your back, simply put the first band in your shirt pocket, then reach up your sleeve and slide the duplicate band down over your hand and on to the string!

Rising Hat

This trick never fails to make people laugh, especially if you perform it at a party just after you step in the front door. While you are shaking hands with the host, your hat slowly rises until it is several inches above your head!

Here’s the secret “gimmick” that makes the hat rise:

Prepare the hat beforehand by stretching a rubber band from side to side across the inside of the brim. Fasten it to the sweat band by looping it over two small safety pins (Pic. 1). The hat should fit tightly enough so that when you force it down on your head it will stay in place.

To pull the trick, simply raise and lower your eyebrows a few times. This makes your scalp move slightly, which in turn releases the hat. The band will cause the hat to rise for a few inches, then wiggle back and forth above your head in a very comical way!

Quicker than the Eye

1. The startling optical illusion is made by bending clip into the shape shown in Pic.1 and slipping a small rubber band over it as shown in Pic. 2. Cut off the head of a wooden match, and slip the match through the center of the band (Pic. 2). Rotate the match (Pic. 3) until the band is tightly wound.

2. Hold the clip in your left hand, as pictured above. Place the tip of your right finger on end A of the match, as shown, and rotate the match until end B rests under the wire. Let end A slip off your finger. With a loud snap, the match will seem to pass suddenly through the wire!

What really happens is this: The twisted band causes the match to spring back to its former position, but so fast that no one is able to see it!


     Children’s Digest, August-September 1959


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